Social Media Reading

In the article,  the author discusses social media and the use of it among teenagers. The author discusses how a research was conducted and the results they found out at the end. The researchers asked the participants to discuss their feelings behind their social media use and overall why they use it. Many of the participants discussed how they use it to interact with their peers or use it just for educational reasons such as getting help on assignments. Some participants also talked about how social media is a way of sharing your thoughts and feelings without actually saying it to a person. There are various reasons behind why people use social media. A participant in the study stated it was easier to say something over a social media website rather than doing it face-to-face.

Personally, social media for me is something that helps me stay in contact with my family in another country. I am able to talk to them over messenger and ask how everything is going. I know I can pick up a phone and talk to them but living in different time zones and everyone being busy it can be difficult to do so. Social media is a way for me to let my family know that everyone here is doing fine and vice versa. I think people should use it solely for communication purposes and nothing else.

As harsh as this may sound I am going to say it anyway; stop using social media to get attention and stop throwing your issues out there for the world to see. I can’t tell you how many times I read statuses online (from the same people) talking about their relationship with their significant other. I mean if you’re having issues just keep it between you and the other person. I see the statuses and sometimes want to say “go talk about these feelings to the person.” If you’re having issues don’t post them because in all honesty it doesn’t help you because your problems are still going to be there. In the two years that my boyfriend and I have been dating, not once did I go on a social media site to talk about things going on between us. Rarely do we ever fight but sometimes things happen and that’s that but I still would never put it out there for everyone to see. It is no one else’s business but ours.

In some ways social media can really come between a couples relationship. I have seen it first hand with a close friend of mine and her now ex boyfriend. They had both seen things on each others social media accounts and it didn’t go well at all. That is where the cheating on both sides started. I won’t go into further detail because in all honesty I can go on for hours about this entire situation.


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