Blue and Pink

Over the years the colors blue and pink took over almost everything when it comes to children. Typically we see this when attending baby showers and birthday parties for young kids. When people have baby showers almost everything they get it either pink or blue depending on what they are having. It starts with the invitation with various sayings on them corresponding to the gender of their baby. So you open the invitation and either you’re going to take the invitation out and it is going to be blue or pink. I really can’t stand this. Like why do these two colors have to be used when it comes to baby showers and things like that?

I’ve attended many baby showers for family members over the years and only one of them did not have pink or blue for the invitation or party decorations. My cousin made is clear to everyone planning her baby shower that she didn’t want it to be all the baby blue stuff. From her invitations to her decorations everything was a neutral color. She did have a few blue decorations so she wouldn’t have to keep telling people what her and her husband were having if people didn’t know already.

I think that the colors blue and pink have been so overused over the years that now it just gets pretty annoying. In my opinion, I think that just writing on an invitation “it’s a boy” or “it’s a girl” is fine but please don’t over do it with the pink and blue decorations. For me when I walk into a baby shower with these pink and blue decorations it makes me think that people don’t know other colors to use for a baby shower theme other than blue and pink.


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