Adults views on social media and the internet

I think we all can agree how many times our parents and other older adults negativity talk about social media and the internet. Many of them say how bad it is for teenagers and how it takes away from our education and takes over our lives’ overall. It seems as if they agree on the fact the social media especially is taking over the way we communicate with one another. Maybe they shouldn’t say that because many of them also have their own social media accounts and use them to communicate with their friends. I think many older adults have a hard time grasping the fact that this is a new way of communication for people now-a-days. Communicating online is something that is easy to do especially when you are busy with everything else. A lot of people can’t go out and have coffee or grab lunch with their friends and catch up on things. Sending a quick message online to someone asking how things are going shows the other person that they are not being forgotten about. I can tell you from experience that my mom hates social media, especially Facebook. Sometimes I’ll show her pictures or posts online from family members and her question always is “where did you see this?” I tell her that I saw it on Facebook and her response is always “I don’t like Facebook at all. I hate it”. Sometimes I want to say if it wasn’t for Facebook and me showing you these things then you would have no idea what is going on with the family. She dislikes Facebook so much that whenever we take pictures for an occasion or just in general she tells me and my brothers to not put it on Facebook. Like mom what is the big deal, it is just a picture. We still post them anyway. All in all,  I think adults should limit how they negatively talk about social media because it is not all bad.


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