Creativity is key

Being creative is a skill that everyone has. When we decide to do something we put our minds to it to get it done. I think creativity is an amazing skill. You can basically create anything you want or take another idea and make it your own. No one clearly wants to be like other people and take their  ideas or thoughts and not change them. Creativity, I think, is a way of defining who you are. You show others how your mind works and how you can put your mind to something and get it done.

In my opinion, when teaching students they should be able to create and do certain things however they want. Teachers give out assignments and say that they want to see creative elements of it but then give a laundry list of things that they don’t want to see. Obviously there is a limit to what students can use on their assignments but they should be able to not have such strict guidelines for something that is supposed to be “creative.”


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