Comprehension Videos

After watching the videos you can definitely recognized how different each of the readers are. While watching the videos I pay close attention to the way each of the readers use different skills when it came to reading online. Some readers did not bother to look into the author or back up their answers with research. They simply did the assignment to get it done in my opinion.

In the first two videos about locating we can see that the weaker reader did not conduct outside research and simply relied on the things they already had seen. The reader did not look into other websites to find out the answer and just used the first thing they saw. The stronger reader in this case conducted outside research and used different ways of searching the question they were trying to answer. For the second two videos about synthesizing we can also tell right away how each of the readers are. In one  of the videos one of the readers just copied and pasted the exact information from the website into their blog/chat. They did not bother looking at other websites or discussing the answer in their own words. For the stronger reader they discussed the answer they found and also gave back up information to discuss the point they are trying to make. In the last two videos about critically evaluating the author we noticed how different the readers are. For the weaker reader when answering the questions they did not use evidence to back up their claims but insisted on “copyright”. The weaker reader also does not look up the author of the article or look at her bio to see who the person actually is. For the stronger reader in this case we can see how they talk about when the article was published and who the author works. This reader looks into the author’s bio.

By doing this assignment we recognize instantly how each of the readers look up information online and do research. Some of the readers did not take any extra steps when doing the assignment while others went forward in their research while doing the assignment.


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